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It's a proven fact that when people enter a home or office for the first time, their eyes gravitate to the floor. What are people seeing when they look at yours? Dingy, dated carpet? Tacky, tattered linoleum? Give them something better to look at with the help of Floors of Hawaii. Since 1960, we've been providing residential and commercial flooring services to the people of Honolulu, including sales, installation, and repairs. We work with hardwood, laminate, tile, sheet vinyl, ceramic and carpeting. Call today for an appointment.

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After a hard day's work, you love nothing better than to kick off your shoes and relax. Only the kicking off the shoes part is a little sketchy because your floors are in such bad shape. It's time for an upgrade. Time to call Floors of Hawaii. We'll meet with you at your property and and discuss your goals, tastes and budget and come up with a plan for installing your brand new, beautiful floors in a timeframe you can work with, and a price you can live with.


At Floors of Hawaii, we love to install and repair all types of floors, but we have no problem catering to individuals who prefer to do the work themselves. That's why we sell carpeting, sheet vinyl, hardwood and ceramic flooring along with all the supplies you'll need to install them beautifully. Special orders are welcome. Call or stop by our shop at 710 Moowaa in Honolulu today. 

We're the real deal

Floors of Hawaii understands that hiring any kind of contractor to work on your home or office can be nerve-wracking. Are they experienced? Are they licensed? Are they endorsed by their colleagues? At Floors of Hawaii, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. We've been in business since 1960, are licensed and insured, and are Armstrong Certified Flooring Contractors. We are also members in good standing of the Hawaii Flooring Association. 
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"Amazing customer service!" - Carole M., Yelp

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